Plymouth During the Civil War
Plymouth played a significant role in the Civil War and there is much to see and learn. The most successful ironclad of the Civil War did battle here and was eventually destroyed in what The History Channel titled, "The Most Daring Mission of the Civil War" in their 2005 documentary. It was the last significant Confederate victory of the war.

An interesting aside is that many people are unaware of the strong Union sentiment and divided allegiances in Northeastern North Carolina. Close trading ties with Northern ports have existed since the area was first settled in the early 1700's. As a result, the strategic port of Plymouth, NC became an important base of operations and recruiting center for the North. In 1862, the Union Burnside Expedition placed 10,000 Union soldiers in Eastern North Carolina, 3000 of which were in Plymouth, NC. With occupation lasting for two years, white Union supporters, Free Blacks, and plantation 'run-a-ways eagerly enlisted in the Union Army and Navy.