Native Americans
Pettigrew State Park, adjacent to Somerset Place in Creswell, and the Port O'Plymouth Museum in Plymouth have artifacts and interesting presentations on Native American history in the area. Pettigrew State Park consists of 21,000 acres which includes Lake Phelps. There have been 30 Native American dugout canoes found in the lake. One of the canoes is the second oldest in the United States, (2,400 years old), while another is the longest, (36'), in the Southeast. The canoes are believed to have been made by the Algonquian Indians. Other artifacts include clay pots and arrowheads.

The Port O'Plymouth Museum has a replica of a dugout canoe as well as pot shards and arrowheads representing 10,000 years of culture on the Roanoke and Cashie River basins. Listen to our renowned storyteller explain the fascinating history of the Moratoc, (Algonquian), Tuscarora, (Iroquois), and Catawba (Sioux ) Indians that were active in this area at one time.
Algonquian Canoe found at Lake Phelps
Algonquian Dugout Canoes found at Lake Phelps