Bear-ology NC Black Bear Discovery Center
Dispel myths! Uncover truths! Get answers to questions about North Carolina black bears.
  • Watch a 17-minute Blue Ray film about North Carolina black bears in a 30-seat surround sound theatre.
  • Why is North Carolina Coastal Plain home to the highest densities of the planet's largest black bears?
  • What do they eat that makes them so extraordinarily large?
  • Do black bears hibernate?
  • Do they like honey?
  • Are female bears with cubs more dangerous than male bears?
  • See two mounted bears that weigh over 700 lbs.
  • Find out how you can see black bears in the wild at a local US Fish & Wildlife Refuge.
  • See amazing photographs and actual examples of bear signs.
NC Black Bear Discovery Center
111 West Water Street, Plymouth, NC 27962
Open Monday – Friday, 10 am – 4:00 pm.
Admission: $5
Covers a tour of Bear-Ology
and God's Creation Wildlife Museum.
Phone 252-793-6600.
Children 6 - 12 $3, Age 5 and Under - Free