Port O' Plymouth Civil War Museum
Located on the Waterfront in Downtown Plymouth, North Carolina, this small but impressive museum is housed in the circa 1923 Atlantic Coastline Railroad Station. It is primarily a Civil War museum revolving around the 1864 "Battle of Plymouth". The second largest Civil War battle fought in North Carolina, the Battle of Plymouth involved 20,000 soldiers and sailors. This battle was the last Confederate victory in the war and the last glimmer of hope for the failing South. Plymouth also witnessed the debut of the most successful ironclad of the Civil War, the CSS Albemarle, that went on to twice defeat the Union Navy.

Six months later the CSS Albemarle was destroyed in a commando raid led by US Navy Lt. William B. Cushing. It was the subject of a 2005 History Channel documentary titled “The Most Daring Mission of the Civil War,” which was filmed on location in Plymouth.
CSS Albemarle
A 3/8 scale replica of the CSS Albemarle is on display behind the Port O' Plymouth Museum.
Port O' Plymouth Museum
302 East Water Street
Plymouth, NC 27962