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Roanoke River Lighthouse and
Maritime Museum
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Explore this detailed replica of the second Roanoke River Lighthouse--one of three important light stations on the Roanoke River from 1810 to the 1950s. The original was built in 1866 and fell victim to an ice storm that froze the Albemarle Sound and cut two of its pilings.

Lighthouse exhibits paint a picture of this once-bustling port town. It's not hard to imagine the schooners, steamboats, and barges that were so familiar at the customs house. Climb the spiral staircase and look out toward the end of this mighty river, where a lonely keeper was isolated for days or weeks with only his chickens and goats on the lower deck.

Visit the Roanoke River Maritime Museum, just across the street, and enjoy the old  Maritime Museumphotographs and stories of the fishermen, farmers, foresters, merchants, soldiers, papermakers…and most of the people who lived here or passed through this place and neighboring river towns like Jamesville, Roper and Creswell.

An aquarium of native fish, exhibits of underwater archeological explorations, early boatbuilding and more bring the story to life.

Today, the Roanoke River Lighthouse is establishing a new significance as a visitors attraction and Gateway to the Outer Banks Lighthouses, a gathering place for Plymouth’s annual Wood Boat Show, the popular Cowboys on the Water, and other events.

Roanoke River Lighthouse under the moon

 West Water Street
Downtown Plymouth, NC
Phone: 252-217-2204

The Roanoke River Lighthouse and Maritime Museum

The Outer Banks Lighthouse Society